This space acts as a disembodied archive that is investigating the trouble of evidencing performance within an undergraduate fine art degree programme whilst authentically examining the potency of social dynamics. Through this course of study I will implement live and recorded works and remain self aware of the camera’s presence if there is one, and the effect that the camera brings to the work. Therefore with the implementation of recorded technology, and other documents that support my work such as written notes, the work ultimately investigates the antagonistic relationship between these three bodies: the two physical bodies and the camera. Furthermore, the work will consequently be displayed to an audience at the degree show, a potential fourth body. The physical bodies within the recorded work exist as a metaphorical symbol of social interaction, while live body performances (that have been practiced with the collaboration ‘The Guild’) has the potential to transcend the boundaries that a lifeless practised pre-recorded document constructs unknowingly. A dependable interaction between audience and artist allows for excitement but less control depending on how and if the performance has been practised before. The need for control within such a degree programme is imminent as I will attempt to shepherd the audience to evoke the antagonistic qualities that are evoked in the pre-recorded versions without knowing them.

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